How The Rockies Can Get Shohei Ohtani

The front lines of the MLB offseason have been quiet, but this is what’s to be expected with a free agent field bolstered with talent. Every team is waiting for one particular move to be made, one franchise-altering decision to finally be announced. If you follow baseball then you undoubtedly already know this and have been waiting patiently for the news to break. You understand this player’s unique set of skills and abilities. He’s the unicorn that’s been shackled in the land of Anaheim, playing for a dysfunctional franchise the likes of which Colorado fans are very familiar with.

The Lost Art Of License Plates

As far as license plates go, Colorado has one of the best designs in the country. Green background; white mountains. Simplicity at its finest. We’re not Alaska or Hawaii, but the standard issue plates of Colorado are a colorful and unique embodiment of the state known for the snow-capped Rocky Mountains and high elevation.

The 2023 Colorado Rockies Season Recap

As the MLB regular season draws to a close, so does the long-endured nightmare of another season for the Colorado Rockies and their fans. The 30-year anniversary of the Rockies existence was anything but celebratory, where the losses ballooned and misery washed over fans who sat baking in bleacher seats and were witnesses to countless late-inning collapses. The pain swelling inside of fans hearts can rest.

The Deliberate Misinterpretation Of Pabst Blue Ribbon

Depending on who you are, Pabst Blue Ribbon has many different meanings. To some, it’s a beer that is heralded for its great price, wide availability, and decent-enough taste. You can drink it from the can, clutched in a soaking paper bag, outside of a liquor store or while your body submerges deeper into the couch. To many, Pabst Blue Ribbon directly equals the working man’s beer.

An American Villain: Jake Jabs

Jake Jabs is many things: an exceptional salesman is one of those. For decades his commercials appeared on every television screen across Colorado and the outer realms of Wyoming. If you’ve lived here for long enough, you’ve undoubtedly seen these, but even if your eyes have never been graced with an American Furniture Warehouse commercial, you’ve without a doubt seen the massive AFW warehouses.

The Anatomy Of Today’s Documentaries

We seem to be in the age of documenting every single event we possibly can, producing some random spree of murders or criminal endeavors into an introspective, limited series that peels back the layers of all-but-historical events. Insignificant moments in the totality of human history.

Gambling On Polish Table Tennis

I am not a good gambler and I am the opposite of a high-roller. In fact, I am as low of a roller as they come. I’m betting dollars at a time. Single dollars. If I’m feeling dangerous, or really believe in whatever bet I’ve constructed while researching enough statistics to thoroughly convince myself of said bet’s success, then I reach towards five dollars, dare I say, ten.

The Race To 100 Losses

As the MLB Trade Deadline inches closer, another inevitable deadline awaits the Rockies, one farther down this season’s road, something no Rockies fan wants to see but has been threatened by throughout our entire existence.

The Barbenheimer Experience

For many the concept of witnessing both Barbie and Oppenheimer in the same day has undertaken a phenomenon akin to witnessing a solar eclipse, a sensational event that has people willing to dedicate the majority of their day to watching the two films in whichever order they choose.