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Indiana Title 2
Ten Lessons From Raiders Of The Lost Ark
It’s amazing. Harrison Ford, Nazis, reunited love, a car chase that goes on forever and the release of a godly power no man is capable of utilizing. I don’t know what else to say. It brings me back up when the going gets tough.
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belly up picture (2)
Belly Up
When wildfires surge in the mountains across the state you feel guilty because you lather your dying yard with water hoping the green hue will return. Your neighbors don't wave to you because of this. The neighbors search through the recycling bins of every house in the neighborhood. They wear sandals...
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Milestone Trophy Man edit
Milestones I’m starting to celebrate milestones I’ve never thought of before and have no way of tracking, ones that happen and are forgotten about like some random Tuesday in March. Last week I’m certain that I ran over my one thousandth pothole on the way home from work and two days ago...
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Don't Tell Mom There's A Body Outside
With glazed eyes, frozen and locked on to the well-oiled abs of the men on the TV, Mom announced there were frozen slabs of macaroni in the freezer. That's dinner. 
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