The Anatomy Of Today’s Documentaries

We seem to be in the age of documenting every single event we possibly can, producing some random spree of murders or criminal endeavors into an introspective, limited series that peels back the layers of all-but-historical events. Insignificant moments in the totality of human history.

Gambling On Polish Table Tennis

I am not a good gambler and I am the opposite of a high-roller. In fact, I am as low of a roller as they come. I’m betting dollars at a time. Single dollars. If I’m feeling dangerous, or really believe in whatever bet I’ve constructed while researching enough statistics to thoroughly convince myself of said bet’s success, then I reach towards five dollars, dare I say, ten.

The Race To 100 Losses

As the MLB Trade Deadline inches closer, another inevitable deadline awaits the Rockies, one farther down this season’s road, something no Rockies fan wants to see but has been threatened by throughout our entire existence.

The Barbenheimer Experience

For many the concept of witnessing both Barbie and Oppenheimer in the same day has undertaken a phenomenon akin to witnessing a solar eclipse, a sensational event that has people willing to dedicate the majority of their day to watching the two films in whichever order they choose.

A Rockie Wins The All-Star Game

In Seattle, the stars of the MLB came together to play in the annual All-Star game, a halfway marker for the season being over, and a halfway marker for all Rockies fans that the suffering has just two and a half more months to go. The All-Star game has been criticized in the past, from being boring, to the odd stretch from 2003 to 2016 when the outcome of the game determined home field advantage for the World Series.

Hitler Might’ve Worn Birkenstocks

It’s a sandal made out of cork and latex, strapped together with leather bindings and sold for upwards of $100. The most popular piece of footwear in America and perhaps the world is intended to aid those suffering from plantar fasciitis, for those with high-arches or chronic foot pain. They’re the product of a German cobbler dating as far back as 1774

I Accidentally Committed Piracy

I’m sure this comes as no surprise but I am not a technologically-savvy person. Setting up my own internet and remembering the multiple variations of the same password often proves difficult for me. If I had the choice, I would use a flip phone. I’d receive everything through the mail and pay my bills via banker’s check. Maybe I’m old school and maybe there’s a part of myself that refuses to adapt to the times. The world is all tech. It’s fast moving and often seems unable to slow down.

Rockies And Tacos: A History

It’s time we talk about tacos. I’ve wanted to dive into this subject matter for some time now, but seeing as Denver sports are finding success and championships often in the recent decade, it feels out of place to discuss anything in relation to the Rockies.