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The Previews Of Past Decades
In a world where previews used to be especially bad, comes the story of exactly why those trailers from the early 2000s were as terrible as they seemed. While their purpose has remained the same, their lack of cohesion and creativity leaves room for explanation.
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Some Films To Help You Not Completely Give Up During Fall
Another genre of films exists within the Fall season that is not horror. It’s one that encompasses the time of year when the temperature begins to inch lower and lower, when leaves scatter across the streets, the time of year when people buy mutant-shaped gourds and decorate them on their porch, across...
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The Barbenheimer Experience
For many the concept of witnessing both Barbie and Oppenheimer in the same day has undertaken a phenomenon akin to witnessing a solar eclipse, a sensational event that has people willing to dedicate the majority of their day to watching the two films in whichever order they choose.
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piracy 1 - Peatix
I Accidentally Committed Piracy
I’m sure this comes as no surprise but I am not a technologically-savvy person. Setting up my own internet and remembering the multiple variations of the same password often proves difficult for me. If I had the choice, I would use a flip phone. I’d receive everything through the mail and pay my bills...
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this is the end - amazon - 1
The Ten-Year Anniversary Of This Is The End
Ten years ago I saw This Is The End for the first time. For those who lived a sheltered life, this was a creation from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg that saw nearly everyone who was a part of Knocked Up, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Pineapple Express all congregate onto one set, to make a completely outlandish...
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Bupkis Title 3
I Watched Bupkis
The lives of celebrities often feel comparable to a show. Maybe it’s not a good show, but it’s one of those shows people can’t seem to look away from, like seeing a train set ablaze, steaming down the tracks with an incapacitated conductor, heading right towards a nursery, a disaster in the making. The...
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Movie theater - Newsweek
It's Perfectly Normal To See A Movie By Yourself (Or, The Review of Puss In Boots: The Last Wish)
I’d like to preface this piece by saying that a lot of people do a lot of weird things, and if the epitome of my weirdness is going to the movies by myself—and if the subscript to that specific weirdness is going alone to see an animated movie as a 25-year-old—then I’d say it’s a perfectly normal activity...
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rambo first blood- digital spy
Rambo Has Feelings Too
It feels like I should’ve seen this a long time ago. I can imagine a thirteen-year-old me stuck at home during winter break with nothing to do other than glue my eyes to a television screen and my Dad—in his ever obsession with war movies and any type of military-related media—would turn on First Blood...
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Love And Ridicule In The Time Of Reality Television
Watching The Bachelorette has cleared up a couple things for me: there may be no good people left in this world, and epicaricacy is America’s national pastime. I’m sure plenty are sounding out epicaricacy at this very moment as they try to connect the dots between this cumbersome word and a show where...
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Cowboy-Bebop-Live-Action-vs-Anime CBR source
Tribulations Of An Adaptation
Netflix's live adaptation of the beloved anime Cowboy Bebop needs to stay true to the original, but doing so would refuse to adhere to the present times.
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