Some Films To Help You Not Completely Give Up During Fall

Another genre of films exists within the Fall season that is not horror. It’s one that encompasses the time of year when the temperature begins to inch lower and lower, when leaves scatter across the streets, the time of year when people buy mutant-shaped gourds and decorate them on their porch, across the vanity, along the kitchen table.

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The 2023 Colorado Rockies Season Recap

As the MLB regular season draws to a close, so does the long-endured nightmare of another season for the Colorado Rockies and their fans. The 30-year anniversary of the Rockies existence was anything but celebratory, where the losses ballooned and misery washed over fans who sat baking in bleacher seats and were witnesses to countless late-inning collapses. The pain swelling inside of fans hearts can rest.

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Selling My Dead Cousin's Nissan
There Is A Car For Sale. For a month a Nissan Rogue has been parked in my Mom’s driveway. It’s a white SUV covered in a layer of dirt. The sun has begun to bleach the paint and spots of rust are growing along the brake pads. Technically, it’s only been in two accidents but only one really shows.  The...
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Milestone Trophy Man edit
Milestones I’m starting to celebrate milestones I’ve never thought of before and have no way of tracking, ones that happen and are forgotten about like some random Tuesday in March. Last week I’m certain that I ran over my one thousandth pothole on the way home from work and two days ago...
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new you 2
The Futility Of A New Year's Resolution
Mostly everyone is a horrible person in some way or another. It doesn’t really matter in the minutes leading up to midnight on New Year’s Eve whether one recognizes this or not, and especially when they manage to wake up sometime during the afternoon the next day, vowing to not drink for a month or hold...
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Cowboy-Bebop-Live-Action-vs-Anime CBR source
Tribulations Of An Adaptation
Netflix's live adaptation of the beloved anime Cowboy Bebop needs to stay true to the original, but doing so would refuse to adhere to the present times.
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PHone pic 1
Don't Tell Mom There's A Body Outside
With glazed eyes, frozen and locked on to the well-oiled abs of the men on the TV, Mom announced there were frozen slabs of macaroni in the freezer. That's dinner. 
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Fortnite Main
In The Name Of The Gamer
A Child In Walmart Helped Me Understand The Obsession—And Monetization—Of The Average Fortnite Gamer   More often than not when I wake up these days I feel old. My back aches as if I have been doing anything to solicit the singe of pain that gravitates around the base of my spine; the alcohol I was...
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suicide squad 3
The Suicide Squad Pumps Fresh Blood Into Superhero Genre
When I told my Mom I was going to see The Suicide Squad, she asked why I was going to see a movie that was released five years ago. To clarify, she dabbles in the world of superhero movies, which means she's not going out of her way to watch every single release churned out by Marvel or Warner Bros.,...
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I Hate Dave Portnoy
The King Of Social Media Is Here To Stay. Go out to a bar and you won’t be able to swing a bat without hitting someone who’s a fan of Barstool Sports. A lot of people are. I am. I’m pretty sure my Grandma has fallen down a rabbit hole of viral videos corralled by their Instagram or Facebook...
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We Blame The Aliens – Rejection Letters – March 15th, 2023 In The Food Court Where The Tables Are Shaped Like Convertibles – HAD – May 4th, 2023
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